Exchangeable rotary distributor for in-process measurement

To use honing tools with in-process air-measurement (according to the principle "air plug gauges") in a standard machining center, the measuring air transfer interface will be fixed to the spindle nose (e.g. for DMG Mori , Heller or GROB machines). Thus, it is possible to produce precision bores with very narrow diameter tolerances.

To control the honing operation separat computer system is installed which communicates with the PLC control of the machine. An automatic cylindricity correction mechanism keeps the bores within very small deviations.

You can find further information in section honing on machining centers.

The DIAHON #-honing cycle - constant hash angle without reversal lines

Using the DIAHON #-honing cycle on HELLER machining centers leadsd to a constant honing surface in a defined angle througout the bore. The achieved tribological features of the surfacee.g. in liners or connecting rods as well as thereduced acceleration of the feed in Z at the stroke end points leads to major improments in the process of honing on maching centers in general.

You can find further information in section honing on machining centers.

coolEX®float - hydraulic honing with squint/offset correction in lathe machines

The coolEX®float honing tool technology allows the classic hydraulic controlled honing on a machining centre with adjustment to squint and offset in lathe machine, using regular honing kinematics (expansion during processing), thus generating the classical cross hatch pattern at a defined honing angle.

Find more information in section coolEX®float tool system.

Plateau honing on DMC 80H linear with the #-honing cycle

coolEX® honing in a V6 crank case - showcase demonstration of a plateau honing at the in-house fair Deckel Maho GmbH in Pfronten/Germany on a DMC 80H linear HMC, with contant hash angle throughout the full liner (without any reversal lines) byimplementing the #-honing cycle in a SIEMENS 840D control.

More information in section coolEX® system.