Pre-honing and finish honing of coated two-stroke cylinders

The special requirements for the honing of two-stroke cylinders are, on one hand, the cast valve heads, which lead to a blind bore characteristic with low over travel, and on the other hand, the overflow channels, which interrupt the bore and don't give the honing tool good guidance. 

To manage both problems, various tool concepts are used.

8-stone blind bore honing tools

The 8 hones distributed around the circumference of the tools, ensure an optimal guidance of the tools, even around the overflow channels. The tool thus runs smoothly during the honing operation, the special hones design ensuring cylindrical wear on the cutting layer and therefore ensures a perfect cylindricity.

Shell blind hole honing tools

Shell honing tools ensure good guidance of the tools in the bore by covering the overflow channels. The layout of the honing stone rings on the shell segments takes advantage of the larger wear of the honing stones in the blind bore area.