Honing operation of valve blocks/control housings

Valve blocks/control housing can be machined very precisely and effectively with fixed diameter honing tools. Fixed diameter tools are suitable for the requirements of honing operation of passage bores of valve blocks/control housings due to their construction (no burrs, sharp-edged).

Through bores in the control housing with control edges

Test setup for processing through bores in a valve manifold with control edges: 

Bore length: 240 mm
Diameter: 25 mm
Allowance: 30 µm
3 honing operations, resulting cylindricity lt. 2µm, roughness approx. Rz=1µm

Blind bore in valve block

  • Bore diameter: Ø14H6
  • Bore type: Blind bore (56 mm length)
  • Material: GG25
  • Honing allowance: 10-15 µm
  • Pre-machining: Fine spindle with KomTronic HPS 115 U-axis system