Single stone honing tools - perfect shape corrections

Single-stone honing tools are high-precision, very sturdy honing tools for honing bores of diameter ranges from 4mm to over 70mm. 

At the start of honing operation, the tool rotates at a slight offset from the bore axis (3-point support: 1 working stone and 2 guiding stones) and moves into the bore axis with increasing material removal. The expanding working stone (honing stone) is doing the material removal, while the guide pads supprt the tool in the bore. The use of single-stone honing tools absolutely requires a floating fixture of one of the two system components (honing tool or part). 

The single stone honing tool guarantees the best possible correction of shape tolerances, such as straightness, roundness or cylindricity.

Our application engineers establish the appropriate tool principle depending on part geometry and bore requirements. For queries please contact werkzeug(at)

We optimise the our honing tools with metal or epoxy bond hones for processing of a wide range of materials, such as NiKaSil, hard chromium, aluminium, various oxide coatings (e.g., APS-, LDS-, CBC, RSW or FeC-coatings / PTWA), free cutting steel, tool steel, hardened steel (e.g., 16MnCr5, C45, VA-steel, ST52, 17CrNiMo6, 34CrNiMo6, 42CrMo4V, 9SMn28k), various types of grey cast iron (e.g., G26Cr, GGG40 and others) as well as custom materials such as CFC, graphite or titanium-aluminium alloys.