coolEXact® - hydraulic cnc controlled honing with size control in machining centres (HMC/VMC/CNC)

The coolEXact® honing tool technology allows the classic hydraulic controlled honing on a cnc controlled machining centre with size control without technical modifications of the machining centre, using regular honing kinematics (expansion during processing), thus generating the classical cross hatch pattern at defined honing angle.

The mechanical-automated process shutdown can be integrated into regular coolEX® honing tools for machining diameters larger than 5.0mm. This technology allows to reduce size variations of pre-machining to the extent that e.g. air measured (coolEX®LM) honing tools can be used for successive honing stages. This honing technology is very beneficial for a rough honing operation followed by a  multi-stage honing operation of coatings (eg. APS-, LDS-, RSW-, CBC- or PTWA / FeC coatings). The  cnc controlled coolEXact® honing tool technology gives enormous benefits for honing on the machining center: 

  • reduces pre-machining size variations
  • no need for a dedicated special honing machine
  • highly scalable to production fluctuations by using the machining center
  • no restrictions to the hydraulic honing
  • no separate process control necessary
  • in combination with high-tech measuring equipment outside the main machine time optimizing cycle time
  • no additional costs for separate honing fixtures or joint connectors for honing tools

The following variations are available for different diameter ranges:

coolEXact® mini: Ø5.00-30.00mm, grid 2.2µm, manual by the operator

coolEXact® midi: Ø25.00-50.00mm, grid 2.2µm, manual by the operator

coolEXact®: from Ø48.00, grid 3.5µm, automized by the machine control or manual by the operator

Processing example: cnc controlled coolEXact®-honing operation on HELLER H5000

  • 2-stage plateau-honing operation 
  • size controll via coolEXact®-technology in rough honing operation
  • plateau honing operation with coolEX®-technology by time
  • rough honing stock: 25-35µm
  • finish honing stock: 2-5µm