FDhone - fixed diameter honing tools - easy application, perfect diameter

FDhone  fixed diameter honing tools are high-precision, very sturdy honing tools for honing in diameter ranges of 6mm to approx. 100mm. 

FDhone fixed diameter honing tools have preset diameter and machine (ream hone) a bore with a one-time in-and-out movement (double stroke). Different honing allowances can be achieved in the different operations depending on the tool design and surface requirements. 

The fixed diameter honing tool guarantees the best possible correction of roundness and bore size, especially for interrupted bores (such as hydraulic housings or valve manifolds). 

FDhone  fixed diameter honing tools are especially well-suited for milling centres, turning centres or general machining centres and are designed in different shapes for each specific application. 

  • Ream honing in diameter ranges from 6mm to over 100mm 
  • Honing stone mounted on the base body of the tool
  • Tools are produced with all conventional connections (e.g. HSK, collet, hydraulic chucks, floating chucks, etc.)

Our application engineers establish the appropriate tool principle depending on part geometry and bore requirements. For queries please contact werkzeug(at)diahon.de

Information for builders of machining centres

Prerequisites for the successful use of the technology:

  • pre-machining of the hole in the same fixture (no reclamping)
  • fine filtration of coolant depending on surface requirements (about 30-50µm or less)
  • positioning accuracy of the bore axis to the tool axis within 5μm (tool changer)
  • high axial acceleration at the stroke end positions depending on the diameter and required honing angle

Selection of projects on various machining centres from different machine manufacturers

Click here to find a selection of successful completed projects on various machining centres from different manufacturers.

Example - FDhone single-pass honing operation on a 2-stroke connecting rod as pre-operation for Xstep finish honing

FDhone single-pass honing (fixed diameter honing) on small and big eye to set a defined diameter and roughness for the following Xstep finish honing operation.