coolEX®float - Hydraulic activated and cnc controlled honing with integrated axis- and angle-offset compensation without the use of floating holders

The coolEX®float cnc honing tool technology allows the classic hydraulically controlled honing in a cnc controlled machining center (machine tool) or in a lathe/milling machine without any technical modifications and with regular honing kinematics (expansion during processing). The regular honing kinematics produces the classic cross-hatch in the defined honing angle. The integrated axis- and angle-offset compensation allows the honing of components in which a re-clamping in the process is essential (for example after thermal deburring).

With coated components (APS, LDS, CBC, RSW or PTWA/FeC coatings ), the uniform layer thickness is garanteed with coolEX®float, because a changing the position of the bore axis does not happen.

The coolEX®float honing tool technology has enormous advantages in honing on the machining center itself:

  • allows axial- and angle-offset compensation
  • no dedicated honing machine needed
  • highly scalable to production fluctuations by using the machining center
  • no restrictions compared to the hydraulic honing with honing machine
  • no additional costs for separate devices and joint connectors for the honing process

coolEX®float - cnc controlled hydraulic honing with squint/offset correction in lathe machines

The coolEX®float cnc honing tool technology allows the classic hydraulic controlled honing on a machining centre with adjustment to squint and offset in lathe machine, using regular honing kinematics (expansion during processing), thus generating the classical cross hatch pattern at a defined honing angle.