Honing accessories

The accessories required for efficient honing operations are designed by our experienced application engineers and designed in combination with the tool concept. Clamping devices and tool connectors to the machines are important accessories. We produce extensions, connecting rods, adapters and other devices and spare parts (e.g. support trim, hard metal guide pads and nozzles for air gauging) to be used in honing machines of all current manufacturers, e.g. Nagel, Kadia, Gehring, Sunnen, Delapena und Pleiger.

Loss-free air distribution for measuring air supply for in process air-gauge-monitoring

Loss-free air distribution for measuring air supply for air-gauge-monitoring on honing tools in a honing machine or in a machining centre. The measuring air is continuously fed from the measuring transducer to the spindle and conveyed into the honing tool via the loss-free rotary air distributer.

The measuring air is then distributed in the honing tool on two opposite facing measurement nozzles (air gauges).

Air measured DIAHON honing tools can be identified by the "LM" code.

Connection adapter

Connection adapter for the use of existing tool systems on new or other machines.

Clamping devices

Clamping devices for honing single or multiple parts in one clamp. The parts can be clamped either individually floating or axially together or held secured against turning.

Air measurement nozzles and measurement stones

Hard metal measurement strips with nozzle bore for air measurement during honing machining

Guiding pads

Hard metal guide strips or diamond guide strips for 1-stone honing tools

Pendulum rods

Gimbaled connecting rods in honing machines allow the use of rigid fixtures to clamp the parts. Axial and angle diversion will be adjusted by the flexible setup of the tool connectors.

Drop gauge

Drop gauge calipers guarantee highest precision with long service life and repeatability during in-process measurements in many honing applications, such as gear honing, honing of connecting rods and many more.

Spare parts for tools

Spare parts for all conventional tool systems according to samples or drawings.