Custom honing tools - optimised for special bore geometries

Custom honing tools are tools that cannot be assigned to the categories listed above: they include, for example, shell honing tools, coaxial honing tools for two different bore diameters, swivel stone honing tools for "freecut honing" in blind bores and tandem honing tools for special requirements such as honing wheel forks.

Our application engineers establish the appropriate tool principle depending on part geometry and bore requirements. For queries please contact werkzeug(at)

Shell honing tools

Shell honing tools can realise their specific advantages especially with interrupted bores (e.g., two-stroke cylinders with open overflow channels). The shell segments will always cover the large interruptions in these bores, so that the tool is always well guided. Other applications are the machining of hydraulic tubes with heavy rifling from the pre-operation and drilling with longitudinal grooves.

Coaxial honing tools

Coaxial honing tools (step honing tools) are used for parts with two or more different diameters to be honed. Both diameters are machined simultaneously with one tool. This honing tool principle ensures maintaining very tight tolerance requirements of concentricity of the bores.

Swivel-stone honing tools

In blind bores, cylindricity is normally more difficult to maintain at the end of the bore. One option for generating cylindrical bores is the use of swivel-stone honing tools. These tools swivel out the honing stones on the end of the honing tool body and thus always expand the tool the most at the bottom of the bore. An operation with a regular cylindrical expansion honing tool should always follow after machining with a swivel-stone honing tool.