Basic honing tools

We supply honing tools for the following machine systems: Nagel, Kadia, Gehring, Sunnen, Delapena, Nissin, Fuji and Pleiger. DIAHON honing tools are designed in various types for each specific application:

  • diameters ranging from 4 mm to over 1000 mm
  • for through or dead-end bores
  • super abrasives as compact hones or hones mounted on carriers

DIAHON honing tools are designed with all conventional machine connectors (e.g. SK, HSK, collets, hydraulic expansion chucks, floating chucks, etc.), and most of the connectors are interchangeable because of our modular tool design.

We optimise the honing tools by mounting hones for processing a wide range of materials, such as aluminium, thermal spray coatings (e.g. APS-,  LDS-, CBC-, RSW- or FeC coatings / PTWA), free cutting steel , tool steel, hardened steel (e.g. 100Cr6, 16MnCr5, C45, VA-steel, ST52, 17CrNiMo6, 34CrNiMo6, 42CrMo4V, 9SMn28k), various types of grey cast iron (e.g., G26Cr, GGG40 and others) as well as custom materials, such as CFC, graphite, AluSil (AlSi17), DISPAL, titanium-aluminium alloys and galvanized NiKaSil- or hardchromium-coatings. DIAHON honing tools are highly precise and very rigid honing tools for honing in a diameter range from 4 mm to over 1000 mm.

Our application engineers choose the appropriate tool design depending on the part geometry and requirements of the finished bore. Please send queries to werkzeug(at)

Single-stone honing

Single-stone honing tools are high-precision, very sturdy honing tools for honing bores of diameter ranges from 4mm to over 70mm.

At the start of honing operation, the tool rotates at a slight offset from the bore axis (3-point support: 1 working stone and 2 guiding stones) and moves into the bore axis with increasing material removal. The expanding working stone (honing stone) is doing the material removal, while the guide pads supprt the tool in the bore. The use of single-stone honing tools absolutely requires a floating fixture of one of the two system components (honing tool or part).

The single stone honing tool guarantees the best possible correction of shape tolerances, such as straightness, roundness or cylindricity.

Multi-stone honing tools

Multi-stone honing tools are high-precision, very sturdy honing tools for honing of bores in a diameter range of 4 mm to over one meter. Several honing stones  are arranged on the circumference of the tool. These are pressed by an internal cone against the bore, generating the desired honing material removal.

DIAHON multi-stone honing tools are significantly more efficient in comparison to single-stone honing tools in stock removal and in generation of the desired surface quality.

Multi-stone honing tools are designed as one-step tools or as double expansion tools (e.g., for plateau honing).

Shell honing tools

Shell honing tools are especially designed for bores with large interruptions (keyways) or for the reworking of unwanted rifled tubes. DIAHON shell honing tools are designed in various shapes (two, three or four shell segments) depending on the component design. Two-stroke cylinder, gear housing or parts with material mixtures are machined especially efficiently with shell honing tools.

Fixed diameter honing tools

Fixed diameter honing tools are high-precision, very sturdy honing tools for honing in diameter ranges of 6mm to approx. 100mm.

Fixed diameter honing tools have preset diameter and machine (ream hone) a bore with a one-time in-and-out movement (double stroke). Different honing allowances can be achieved in the different operations depending on the tool design and surface requirements.

The fixed diameter honing tool guarantees the best possible correction of roundness and bore size, especially for interrupted bores (such as hydraulic housings or valve manifolds).

Fixed diameter honing tools are especially well-suited for milling centres, turning centres or general machining centres and are designed in different shapes for each specific application.

  • Ream honing in diameter ranges from 6mm to over 100mm
  • Honing stone mounted on the base body of the tool
  • Tools are produced with all conventional connections (e.g. HSK, collet, hydraulic chucks, floating chucks, etc.)

Custom honing tools

Custom honing tools are tools that cannot be assigned to the categories listed above: they include, for example, shell honing tools, coaxial honing tools for two different bore diameters, swivel stone honing tools for "freecut honing" in blind bores and tandem honing tools for special requirements such as honing wheel forks.