Step 1 - Information about the task

In a first step all relevant parameters for the honing operation are requested or determined by our application engineers. Component drawings, machine setup, required tolerances and pre-machining tolerances of the bores are of critical importance.

Step 2 - Analysis and layout

After collecting information, the facts are discussed by the team and a honing strategy will be developed. This strategy will be discussed with the customer and prepared for a trial.

Step 3 - Test execution

The use of test tools is planned by our application engineers and if possible accompanied on site. During initial phase, all process parameters can be adjusted and the strategy will be optimised.

Step 4 - Analysis of the tests

After first use the results are discussed and analysed by the team. Statistical calculations (e.g. chip removal rates, life of the tools) are compared with benchmark data.

Step 5 - Optimisation

After the analysis all components with identfied potential for improvement  (e.g. hones specification, tool type etc.) will be modified and prepared for the next trial.

Step 6 - Completion, release for production and After Sales

After a successful optimisation loop, the serial supply is discussed with the customer. Our application engineers will accompany the process, to achieve a continuously increased efficiency.