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Site notice and provider details in accordance with §5 of the German telemedia law

DIAHON Werkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG
Robert-Bosch-Straße 1/1
D-70794 Filderstadt

Phone: +49 (0) 7158 91580-10
Fax: +49 (0) 7158 91580-20

Headquarters: Filderstadt
Managing director: Dipl.-Ing. Bernd Sihling
Tax identification number in accordance with §27a of the turnover tax law: DE147643892
Registration office Stuttgart: HRA Nr. 221811
Responsible for contents in accordance with § 10 section 3 MDStV: XLNT hpt GmbH - Esslingen a.N.

Contents of the online product
This website is the subject matter of the following conditions for use, which are agreed bindingly in the relationship between the user and DIAHON Werkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG (referred to hereinafter as DIAHON) when this website is visited.
DIAHON assumes no guarantee for the correctness, completeness, quality or current status of the information provided. Liability claims against DIAHON, with regards to material or non-material damages that occur due to the use or non-use of the presented information or by the use of incorrect and incomplete information, are basically excluded, as long as DIAHON is not guilty of deliberate intent or gross negligence.
All offers are subject to confirmation and non-binding. DIAHON has the express right to change, supplement, delete parts of pages or the entire offer without prior notice, or to terminate the entire publication temporarily or indefinitely. DIAHON expressly declares that it will comply with all data protection regulations.
DIAHON does not substantiate any contractual offer for information, advice or other activities carried out by DIAHON through the provision of this information.

References and links
If direct or indirect links are made to other Internet sites ("links") that are outside the area of responsibility of DIAHON, liability obligations are excluded should the case arise that DIAHON knows of the contents and it is not technically or reasonably possible to prevent the illegal use of the contents.
References and links on third-party websites do not indicate that DIAHON adopts the content behind these references or links. The author hereby expressly declares that at the time of inserting the links, no recognisably illegal contents were on the website being linked to. DIAHON has no influence whatsoever on current and future design, content or copyright on the linked pages. For this reason DIAHON expressly hereby distances himself from all contents to all linked webpages that are modified after the link has been integrated. For illegal, erroneous or incomplete contents and specifically for damages resulting from the use or non-use of information presented in such a manner, only the website provider that has been linked is liable, not those persons or company who link to the relevant publication.
A link may be established on this site as long as it only serves as a cross reference. DIAHON reserves the right to revoke this permission at any time.

Copyright and trademark rights
DIAHON will endeavour to observe the copyrights on the graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts used in all publications and/or to use graphics, sound documents, video sequences and texts that it has produced itself or that are in the public domain.
This website contains data and information of all kinds that are copyright or trademark protected for the benefit of DIAHON and, in individual cases, also for the benefit of third parties. It is therefore not permitted to download, duplicate or distribute this website as a whole or in part. The framing of this website is also not permitted.

Legal force of this disclaimer
DIAHON reserves the right to modify these conditions of use from time to time and to adjust them to technical or legal developments. In the event that individual regulations in these conditions of use are invalid this will not affect the validity of the remaining content. The invalid regulation will be replaced with a condition that comes closest to the intended economic and legal intent and purpose of the invalid regulation. The same applies in the event of a loophole in these conditions of use.