Subcontracting / job machining including CNC honing of small series and prototypes

Our production department is doing job machining of small series and prototypes.

  • CNC honing on vertical machining center (complete machining incl. FixedDiameter-, Xstep- and coolEX-honing)
  • CNC honing on turn-/mill center (complete machining with FixedDiameter- and coolEX float-honing incl. in-process air gauging)
  • CNC turning and milling
  • CNC spark erosion (4 axis)
  • CNC wire cutting (4 axis, conical up to 30°)
  • Conventional jobhoning (passage and blind hole)
  • Conventional surface grinding
  • Conventional cylindircal grinding: ID grinding, OD grinding and copy grinding
  • Conventional turning and milling
  • Deep hole drilling
  • Automatic welding

Our design department can work on electronic part drawings in all conventional formats (e.g. *.dxf, *dwg, *.dwf, *.iges, *.stp, *.pdf etc.). 

If you are interested or for queries, please contact: jobwork(at)

Porsche Carrera GT 10-cylinder crank case - 3 stage honing of refurbished NiKaSil coated liners

Honing of coated liners  Ø100mm (series 98mm) of a Porsche Carrera GT 10-cylinder crank case, honing allowance up to 700µm, hash angle 35±5°, Ra=0.10-0.30 µm

3 stage honing of NiKaSil coated 4 stroke cylinders

Honing of coated liners Ø79mm, honing stock up to 130µm, honing angle 45±5°, Ra=0.10-0.30 µm 

Plateau honing of finned cylinders

Plateau honing of finned cylinders Ø125mm, gray cast iron liners in aluminum finned cylinders, 3 stage plateau honing operation with super abrasive metal bond hones, achieved roughness parameters:

Ra=0.50-0.70 µm, Rpk = 0.20-0.37 µm, Rk = 0.67-1.00 µm, Rvk = 2.10-2.80 µm 
Mr1 = 5.90-8.10%, Mr2 = 71.0-79.0%

Example: Internal gear prototype manufacturing

Internal gear manufacturing in lots of 1-10, processing time within 2-3 days after receiving CAD/CAM data.

Example: Connecting rod machining, big eye

Job honing of connecting rods (to cover the transition phase at  the customers site to interchange to honing on horizontal machining centers)

More examples

Job machining of various parts (partial or complete machining)