Honing tool rental

We offer our customers honing tools for rental as a tool replacement after damage, for prototype production or the production of smaller lots. The honing tools can be rented immediately from stock with the existing super abrasives or - even on very short notice - equipped with special hones.

We keep various tool lengths, diameters (from 4 mm to over 200 mm) and types for the different machine systems available for rental: Single-stone and multi-stone honing tools, shell honing tools, fixed diameter honing tools and double expansion honing tools, replacement ledges or shells for these tools and various adapters and connectors. 

Example rental cost calculation

Fixed rate per process €150.00 is invoiced with the incurred rental costs
Rental price per week €80.00 for, e.g. €1600 new tool costs
Honing stone wear €15.00 per 0.100 mm wear per stone, e.g. for 5-stone tool and honing stones
Custom mounting €15,00 per stone, e.g. for honing stones 80x3x5/3mm
Grinding to working diameter €80.00 per tool, e.g., for 5-stone tool and honing stones 80x3x5/3mm

A list of currently available honing tools and ledges can be requested at rental(at)diahon.de