Recoating of SUNNEN stone carriers and SUNNEN honing sleeves

Worn SUNNEN or Delapena stone carriers are re-tipped in our plant with alternative diamond and CBN cutting layers. Retipping can bring an enormous cost advantage and our cutting layers can be adapted very precisely to the respective honing process and the requirements for workpiece tolerances. 
In general all of our metal and epoxy bond hones can be fixed to the carriers. For larger part counts, carriers can also be made in hardened steel. 
Worn SUNNEN cross grinding honing sleeves are also recoated with new diamond or CBN grit. Retipping with DIAHON hones will give you an enormous cost advantage, whereas the fast and flexible availability also presents a decisive advantage.

Replacement tools, retrofitting & repair

We design tools adapted to your application for SUNNEN or Delapena machine systems or we supply adapters for existing tools. This allows the usage DIAHON single stone and multi-stone tools, as well as DIAHON fixed diameter tools on SUNNEN or Delapena machines.
For special applications we can retrofit your SUNNEN or Delapena tools according to your requirements and optimize the tools for your application.

Recoating with DIAHON cutting coatings

Our alternative cutting layers are available and aligned to the known system. Common, frequently used grit sizes, bond hardnesses and super abrasives can be seen in a comparison table. 
All other DIAHON cutting layers are available for coating. This permits uninterrupted production with uniform quality, e.g. when changing to another machine system or to a CNC machining centre.