We offer training, including the following topics

  • General honing (introduction to the technology)
  • Introduction to various tool types
  • Machine expansion systems (advantages and disadvantages)
  • Coolants and lubricants
  • Super abrasives from our prospective
  • Overview of the range of application
  • Part types and their honing strategies
  • Surface measuring
  • Trial planning and execution

We consult on the following topics

  • Tool selection and fixture setup
  • Design of honing process
  • Selection of super abrasive for increased efficiency
  • Honing on machining centres
  • Selection of coolants and lubricants
  • Independent selection aid on machine-types and -manufacturers
  • Honing on machining centers, turning- and milling machines and BTA-drilling machines

Technical presentation on "honing technology for machining centres" (in german language only)